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The Learning Begins

Grade 10 

Principles of


Course Code: MPM2D

Credit Value: 1 credit

Courses Type: Academic

Teacher: J.F. Michaud

Prerequisites: MPM1D

Course Delivery: Face to Face/Online

What will students learn?

  • Unit 1. Coordinate Geometry: Equation of a line, length of line segment

  • Unit 2. Linear Systems: Solving equations with substitution & elimination

  • Unit 3. Introduction to Quadratic Functions: & Parabolas

  • Unit 4. From Algebra to Quadratic Functions: Factoring, binomials

  • Unit 5. Analyzing Quadratic Functions: Sketching the graph

  • Unit 6. Congruence and Similarity: Congruent Triangles

  • Unit 7. Trigonometry: Tangent. Sine and Cosine Ratios

Course Description: This course enables students to broaden their understanding of relationships and extend their problem-solving and algebraic skills through investigation, the effective use of technology, and abstract reasoning. Students will explore quadratic relations and their applications, solve and apply linear systems, verify properties of geometric figures using analytic geometry, and investigate the trigonometry of right and acute triangles. Students will reason mathematically and communicate their thinking as they solve multi-step problems.

Math Formulas and a Calculator
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