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Grade 12

Writer's Craft

The Learning Begins

Course Code: EWC4U

Credit Value: 1 credit

Courses Type: University

Teacher: J.F. Michaud

Prerequisites: ENG3U

Course Delivery: Face to Face/Online

What will students learn?

  • Unit 1. Autobiography - personal writing

  • Unit 2. Short Story - Narrative Fiction

  • Unit 3. Column/Journalism

  • Unit 4. Non-fiction/Review

  • Unit 5. Flash Fiction/Monologue

  • Unit 6. Poetry: Exploring Types and Styles

Course Description:

This course emphasizes knowledge and skills related to the craft of writing. Students will analyze models of effective writing; use a workshop approach to produce a range of works; identify and use techniques required for specialized forms of writing; and identify effective ways to improve the quality of their writing. They will also complete a major paper as part of a creative or analytical independent study project and investigate opportunities for publication and for writing careers.

Writing on Tablet
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