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Grade 12 Personal Finance and Investment

The Learning Begins

Course Code: IDC4UF

Credit Value: 1 credit

Courses Type: University

Teacher: J.F. Michaud

Prerequisites: Any U or M Course

Course Delivery: Face to Face/Online

What will students learn?

  • Unit 1. Introduction to Personal Finance

  • Unit 2. Credit and Debit

  • Unit 3. Introduction to Investing 

  • Unit 4. Types of Investments

Course Description:

This course will provide students with an opportunity to learn about personal finance and investing for various stages of life. Principal investigations will focus on securities traded on the Toronto and New York stock markets. Other financial securities including RRSP’s and mutual funds will also be explored. National and international events and their effect on corporations and the markets will be discussed and interpreted. A significant component of the course.

Market Analysis
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