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Grade 12

Communication Technology

The Learning Begins

Course Code: TGJ4M

Credit Value: 1 credit

Courses Type: University/College

Teacher: J.F. Michaud

Prerequisites: TGJ3M

Course Delivery: Face to Face/Online

What will students learn?

  • Unit 1. Technology, Career & Design

  • Unit 2. Computer Graphics

  • Unit 3. Website design

  • Unit 4. Movie Production

  • Unit 5. Communication Production

Course Description:

This course enables students to further develop media knowledge and skills while designing and producing projects in the areas of live, recorded, and graphic communications. Students may work in the areas of TV, video, and movie production; radio and audio production; print and graphic communications; digital imaging; broadcasting journalism; and interactive WEB site design and new media. Students will also expand their awareness of environmental and societal issues related to communications technology, and will investigate career opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing technological environment.

Designing an Application
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