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The Learning Begins


Grade 10

Course Code: SNC2D

Credit Value: 1 credit

Courses Type: Academic

Teacher: J.F. Michaud

Prerequisites: SNC1D or SNC1P

Course Delivery: Face to Face/Online

What will students learn?

  • Unit 1. Chemistry: Chemical Reactions

  • Unit 2. Biology: Tissues, Organs, and Systems of Living Things

  • Unit 3. Physics: Light and Geometric Optics

  • Unit 4. Earth and Space Science: Climate Change

Course Description:

This course enables students to enhance their understanding of concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and of the interrelationships between science, technology, society, and the environment. Students will further develop their scientific investigation skills through planning and conducting investigations and develop their understanding of scientific theories related to the strands outlined below. The fundamental concepts studied in this course are matter, energy, systems and interactions, structure and function, sustainability and stewardship and change and continuity.

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